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Furutech GT-40 DAC, Phono Preamp, Headphone amp, A/D Converter

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Superb example of electronic engineering by a company known for its high quality products. It's a 1) 24/96 USB digital to-analog converter 2) analog-todigital converter (to digitize records) 3) phono preamp for MM and MC 4) headphone amp 5) preamp Excellent condition, comes with own usb cable ( inadvertently left out of pictures)... and own power supply, original manual and box/packaging. Asking $350 Cash in person - No certified checks, bank checks or money orders. Will only answer emails with phone numbers. I'll let the reviews speak for themselves: 6 MOONS "Without imitating valves there were certain similarities. Even more surprising was the very potent low bass. Such articulated double bass with real kick in its lower reaches I'd not heard in a long time regardless of price. And the Japanese mini had truly terrific dynamics too. From this point forward the GT40 is my new reference preamp recommendation below 10.000zł, period." ( In dollars, those Polish 10,000 zloty = about $3,153 currently) http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/furutech10/1.html WHAT Hi-FI RATING ★★★★★ "This clever little box of tricks from high-end accessory specialist Furutech is a 24Bit/96kHz DAC with headphone amplifier, moving coil and magnet phono stage. You can also use it to digitise vinyl for recording on a computer or as a rather oddly configured preamp in a hi-fi system. Master of all trades It's a real Swiss Army knife of a product -- and it performs admirably. The on-board DAC is excellent." http://www.whathifi.com/review/furutech-adl-gt40 GOOD SOUND RATING: Goodsound Great Buy "f you're looking for a high-quality way to get high-quality sound out of your computer and want to digitize the occasional LP, then the Furutech GT40 is a really good choice. " http://www.goodsound.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=239:furutech-alpha-design-labs-gt40-dac-and-headphone-amplifier&catid=56&Itemid=37 TECH RADAR RATING: ★★★★★5/5 "Overall, we feel this is a very successful device and excellent value.It gives hi-res replay for an already decent price, with the recording and phono abilities thrown in for mere pence. Nice one!" http://www.techradar.com/us/reviews/audio-visual/hi-fi-and-audio/hi-fi-accessories/furutech-gt40-922744/review Excellent DAC and preamp. I have not used it as an ADconverter to digitize my records as I had planned... It may do that with an Apogee Duet which I plan to plan the future. The Furutech is very detailed, providing a spacious musical sound coming out of the black background. It is dead silent at full volume, stable and have never had any problem with it during the six months or so during which I used it as my main DAC. It Will be shipped in its original box and packing, it's power supply, it's special USB cable and manual.
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Posted on: 04/16/2013
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